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Calvary International Fellowship: Medical Care...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

imageToday Kelli purchased a few sets of scrubs, which are the light linen clothes nurses and many doctors wear. The medical ministry is really taking off. While she has never stopped caring for people, and somewhat being the primary care giver for much of Calvary International Fellowship and parts of the missionary community here, God seems to be bringing Kelli's ministry of nursing and health care back to more prominent position. Please pray for these things...

1. Pray as Kelli leaves Saturday for the outreach in Turkana. It is a rough journey and difficult ministry in heat that may reach 44C. It is also radically important ministry among a statistically unreached people that are dying from famine.

2. Please pray as Kelli continues to care for people, within CIF. This includes a home for disabled children (pictured above) and a health care class at CIF to help women know how to be the best stewards with the little they have by choosing the right foods, using clean water and practicing good hygiene.

3. Pray as Kelli attends a conference in Limuru for health care workers in Africa later this month. Pray that there would be good contacts and information for community health.

Calvary International Fellowship: Medical Care...

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