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Sad News

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reality bites.

I love being a grandpa. But it's sad to be marketed to as a grandparent. Maybe not sad for you, but sad for me. I'm in a new demographic.

Someone emailed me about their product because I'm a grandparent with a website. I guess they figure I can be a shining example to other grandparents who might be a little less addicted to their computers than I am.

Oh well. I embraced my baldness at a young age; I guess I should do the same with my grandparentness...


Billy said...

at least you don't have 'blue' hair and blue blocker sun glasses on...

Marny said...

Look at the other side you are already a grandparent by the time I might have great children I will be if they start young over 65 how do you like them apples?
I feel I sometimes do not have all the energy for my own now imagen them. I hope I will be a helpfull grandparent if God has that planned for me to see but for sure I do not think I will be able to be as helpfull and envolved like you and Susan have been which is a blessing for Ali! there is always 2 sides of a story my dear Pastor is good to know that God is in control and things happened the way they do even when most of the time we do not understand, I had such a perfect planned of marrying and having my kids at a young age and only after 7 years into the marriage and receiving the Lord as our God and savior was when he blessed us with our beautiful children, today I can only think that could not have been a better plan but that was not the way I felt then.
Well that was long....God Bless!

Vicki Small said...

Wear that badge proudly! But don't give your phone number to the marketers!

Actually, I heard grandchildren were so much fun, I had them first. :o)